Jane Zhang - Discografia Completa (2006-2017)

Loja/Tracklist: iTunes
Data de Lançamento: 2006 - 2017
Qualidade: MP3

[2006.10.11] The One

[2007.02.08] Update

[2007.12.08] Dear Jane

[2009.01.20] Jane@Music

[2010.02.02] Believe in Jane (Deluxe Edition)

[2011.09.26] Reform

[2014.07.21] The Seventh Sense

[2015.06.30] Fighting Shadows (feat. Big Sean) - Single

[2015.08.07] Tiësto - Change Your World (feat. Jane Zhang) - Single

[2016.03.21] Make It Big - Single

[2016.06.28] Khalil Fong - 無所謂 (feat. Jane Zhang) - Single

[2016.07.27] 808 (Jack Novak Remix) [Chinese ver] - Single

[2016.07.27] 808 (Jack Novak Remix) [English ver] - Single

[2016.10.14] Dust My Shoulders Off (feat. Timbaland) - Single

[2016.10.21] After Day - Single

[2016.11.07] 一定要幸福 Please Be Happy - Single

[2016.12.19] 顺流而下 Downstream (From the Drama "Candle in the Tomb") - Single

[2016.11.22] Battlefield (From "the Great Wall") - Single

[2017.02.14] 思美人 Song of Phoenix - Single

Infelizmente, a discografia está faltando alguns Singles por indisponibilidade:(
Unfortunately, the discography is missing some Singles due to unavailability :(
Please do not post without the credits. It was very difficult to get the albums and edit all the songs to keeps all files organized, properly tagged. Enjoy!

Jolin Br

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