Elva Hsiao - Discografia Completa (1999-2018)

Loja: iTunes
Data de Lançamento: 1999 - 2014
Qualidade: iTunes Plus AAC M4A / MP3

[1999.11.17] Elva

[2000.08.15] Blossom In Red

[2001.04.21] Tomorrow

[2001.09.07] Never Look Back - Single

[2001.10.23] Elva First (English Album)

[2002.02.11] 4U

[2002.08.30] Loves Theme Song, Kiss

[2003.05.16] In Love with Love

[2003.12.01] Fifth Avenue

[2006.12.08] Love Elva... Remix & More

[2006.12.22] 1087

[2008.06.13] 3 Faced Elva

[2009.11.06] Diamond Candy

[2010.09.24] Miss Elva

[2011.12.23] I'm Ready

[2012.12.21] Super Girl

[2014.08.22] Shut Up & Kiss Me

[2017.07.31] Tomorrow's Secret - Single

[2018.05.04] Dance Dance Dance - Single

Infelizmente, a discografia está faltando alguns Singles por indisponibilidade:(
Unfortunately, the discography is missing some Singles due to unavailability :(
Please do not post without the credits. It was very difficult to get the albums and edit all the songs to keeps all files organized, properly tagged. Enjoy!

Jolin Br

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