Together: The First Collection [MP3]

Lançamento: 06 de Dezembro de 2001
Qualidade: MP3


01 我知道你很难过 I Know You Are Sad
02 Don't Stop
03 Show Your Love
04 如果不想要 If I Don’t Want It
05 你快樂嗎 Are You Happy
06 和世界做鄰居 (我可以) Living With the World (I Can)
07Lucky Number
08 愛上了一條街 In Love with a Street
09 你還愛我嗎 Do You Still Love Me
10 什麼樣的愛 What Kind of Love
11 Because of You
12 Take It Easy
13 捨不得 Reluctant
14.You Gotta Know
15 你怎麼連話都說不清楚 Can’t Speak Clearly
16 Good Bye


Jolin Br

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