J9 新歌+Party精选 J9 New + Party [iTunes Plus AAC M4A / MP3 / FLAC]

Store: iTunes
Release Date: 2004.11.12


01 招牌動作 Signature Gesture
02 單身公害 Single Public Threat
03 看我72變 See My 72 Changes (Remix)
04 乖貓 Nice Cat (Remix)
05 說愛你 Say I Love You (Remix)
06 愛情36計 36 Tricks Of Love (Remix)
07 海盜 Pirates (Remix)
08 就是愛 It's Love (Remix)
09 Love Love Love (Remix)
10 爆米花的味道 Smell of the Popcorn (Remix)
11 J9 Magic Non-Stop Remix (Continuous DJ Mix)

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