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Dancing Forever [iTunes Plus / MP3]

13:43Jolin Br

Loja: iTunes
Lançamento: 26 de Setembro de 2006
Qualidade: iTunes Plus AAC M4A / MP3


1-01 唯舞独尊 Dancing Forever
1-02 情逢敌手 Mismatched Couples
1-03 怀念 Miss
1-04 听说爱情回来过 I Heard that Love to Come Back Too
1-05 今天你要嫁给我 Marry Me Today (feat. David Tao)
1-06 墓仔埔也敢去 Dare To Go To the Cemetery
1-07 假装 (粤语版) Pretend (Cantonese Version)
2-01 Dancing Diva (765 Spinning Acid House Mix)
2-02 Mr. Q  (All Night Party remixed by DJ Submarine)
2-03 Dancing Diva (Breakdown Stomp Mix)
2-04 Attraction of Sexy Lips (Hit Hot Vibration Mix)
2-05 Mr. Q (Quicy Drum N Bass Remix)
2-06 Dancing Diva (Orientalism Mix)

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